Innovative Solutions from Midea Building Technologies Spearheads North America Market Breakthrough at AHR2024

Innovative Solutions from Midea Building Technologies Spearheads North America Market Breakthrough at AHR2024

The 2024 AHR Expo, one of the biggest HVACR tradeshows in the world, kicked off at McCormick Place in Chicago on January 22. The 3-day event is expected to attract over 50,000 professionals and 1,600 companies in the refrigeration, HVAC, and related industries to gather for networking and exchanges. Midea Building Technologies, setting its eyes on the Americas, unveiled its air conditioner solutions for commercial, residential, energy storage systems. With a commitment to industry-leading products and services, Midea aims to solidify its presence in the commercial HVAC market. The focus extends to both commercial and residential markets with the development of innovative and smart solutions. Midea’s diverse and distinctly differentiated product portfolio presents a powerful combination of solutions to pave the way for breakthroughs in the North American market.

In a booth spanning over 12,000 square feet, Midea Building Technologies displayed solutions for commercial scenarios, and residential settings as well as air conditioners for energy-storage systems. VRF systems, as one of the mainstream commercial air conditioning systems, were prominently featured with Midea's well-performing V8 VRF series. Unlike typical household products, the design, management, and maintenance of commercial air conditioning systems are crucial in both pre-market and post-market stages. The rationality of system design and the convenience of management and maintenance have a decisive impact on system quality.

At the V8 VRF booth, in addition to showcasing the three major features of the product—ShieldBox, SuperSense, HyperLink—emphasis was placed on the outstanding performance of the product in terms of reliability and easy installation. Various digital tools developed by Midea Building Technologies for different interest groups, such as heat pump users and VRF system installers, were also exhibited. These tools include MSmartHome for user convenience, LetsLink for installation and maintenance by technicians, and the Intelligent HVAC Management System for project management by dealers.

Users can conveniently adjust the operating mode of heat pumps/VRF systems remotely from their smartphones by using the MSmartHome app. Installers can use the LetsLink app to view system operating parameters and faults, as well as set and monitor installation and user parameters. Dealers, through the Intelligent HVAC Management System, can remotely monitor and manage HVAC system projects 24/7, receive real-time alerts for system failures, visualize energy management, and collaboratively manage accounts with partners, providing timely services.

In addition to the V8 VRF, Midea Building Technologies showcased commercial heat pumps tailored for standalone apartments, schools, and hospitals with substantial hot water demands, as well as the new generation efficient inverter rooftop packaged unit.

Amidst the rising energy prices and a growing focus on energy efficiency and carbon reduction, optimizing winter heating for enhanced efficiency and cost savings has emerged as a key concern in the industry. The Midea exhibit also showcased air-source heat pumps that have already received widespread acclaim in the European and Australian markets for being clean, efficient, and offering lower heating costs. Catering to diverse settings ranging from traditional American houses to modern apartments and new build homes, Midea exhibited the M Thermal, Atom X, and Atom T heat pump systems. Notably, both the M Thermal and Atom X heat pumps go beyond space heating, integrating floor heating and domestic hot water functions – an innovative approach that ensures a more natural and comfortable heating experience and delivers significant energy savings.

Midea Building Technologies has also capitalized on the rapid growth in the global energy storage industry with the strategic launch of the MCube Liquid Chiller for Energy Storage System. Tailor-made for outdoor large-scale energy storage containers in both appearance and installation methods, the MCube guarantees a straightforward, swift, and space-efficient installation process. Rigorously tested under various challenging conditions, this cutting-edge product provides essential cooling protection for containerized battery energy storage systems. By ensuring the constant safe operation of the core of the energy storage system—the energy storage batteries— MCube not only significantly elevates the efficiency of the energy storage system but also effectively mitigates energy storage risks.

Midea Building Technologies saw a constant stream of visitors at the AHR Expo. New and existing clients gathered to further explore opportunities in the American air conditioning market. In alignment with its international strategy, Midea Building Technologies will continue to penetrate the market, discern market needs, and consistently provide global users with localized, sustainable, and efficient HVAC solutions.