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As a key part of Midea Group, the MBT business division was established in 1999 and was the first to produce VRF in China. Being a global HVAC industry leader and premium supplier of integrated building solutions, MBT has contributed significantly to commercial AC product development. For instance, Midea is the world’s No.1 consumer appliances producer, well-known to the domestic consumers. 

Several main brands constitute MBT businesses. Midea, as the major brand, provides HVAC products and energy solutions to the globe. MDV, created in 1999, is a professional climate control solution brand well-known as one of the leading companies for professional HVAC solutions. During the developing process, MBT kept growing through internationalization. It set up joint ventures with Bosch and Siix, and strategic partnerships with Siemens respectively in order to expand in different sectors. In 2016, CLIVET was acquired by Midea for further optimizing the global layout. In Europe, CLIVET is definitely a leading brand with the complete and competitive product portfolio. In 2020, MBT also acquired LINVOL, the elevator brand, leading to the transformation and upgrading of the business strategy and the integration of intelligent building solutions. With KONG Energy, MBT is focusing on the building intelligence business segment, turning buildings into tangible, warm living beings.

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