Midea Building Technologies Ignites a Green Future for HVAC at MCE 2024 in Milan

Midea Building Technologies Ignites a Green Future for HVAC at MCE 2024 in Milan

The Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) 2024 has returned after a six-year hiatus, attracting over 2,000 world-leading brands and more than 10,000 professional visitors from March 12 to 15. Established in 1960, MCE stands as one of the most prestigious and influential exhibitions for the HVAC+R sector. Under the theme of “GREEN VISION, BLUE FUTURE,” Midea Group’s Residential Air Conditioner, Building Technologies, and Kitchen Water Heater Appliances divisions jointly catalyzed a transformative green movement in Milan.


Midea Building Technologies, with its full range of heating solutions showcased at MCE 2024, launched the revolutionary MARS series R290 commercial heat pump, which secured the prestigious Ultra-High-Temperature Hot Water Performance Certification from Intertek.

2nd Generation iEasyEnergy Energy Management System

To address the evolving needs for clean heating, energy management, and digital integration in the European market, Midea Building Technologies presented its core offering, the iEasyEnergy energy management system. This innovative solution was showcased alongside a complete lineup of heat pump products and a diverse array of control and management systems, highlighting Midea's product strength and strategic market positioning within the B2B sector while underscoring the company’s commitment to advancing technological standards in the HVAC industry.

In response to the heightened interest in clean energy adoption and energy management, Midea Building Technologies made a significant announcement at this year's MCE by unveiling the second generation of its iEasyEnergy energy management system. Leveraging cutting-edge control technology rooted in heat pumps and powered by dynamic algorithms, this system aims to assist European households in elevating their building energy efficiency ratings, qualifying for additional subsidies, and achieving up to 90% energy self-sufficiency. Beyond its notable benefits in residential heating, iEasyEnergy demonstrates remarkable versatility, with potential applications across various commercial and industrial contexts.

MARS Series R290 Commercial Heat Pump Certified for Ultra-High-Temperature Hot Water Performance

Midea Building Technologies also presented its full range of heat pump products: the compact Fit Series suitable for limited installation spaces, the ultra-quiet Nature Series, the Hygge Series designed for extreme cold climate zones, and the MARS Series for commercial scenarios. The lineup offered a diverse and complete showcase of solutions that covered residential and commercial applications, new constructions as well as retrofit projects in temperate and cold climates.

At this year's MCE, the brand-new commercial heat pump MARS made its first appearance, demonstrating an impressive ultra-high water output temperature of 85°C that received the“Ultra-High-Temperature Hot Water Performance Certification” from Intertek. During the award ceremony, Rossana Scandroglio, Intertek's European representative, formally announced that Midea's MARS Series R290 30/35kW commercial heat pump successfully passed rigorous testing and surpassed standard performance metrics across various environmental conditions. She also commended Midea for its ongoing commitment to promoting clean energy usage and developing green technology. The certification was presented by Scandroglio to Mr. Cheng Lin, Senior Vice President of Midea Building Technologies Overseas Sales Company, with approximately 200 individuals witnessing the momentous occasion.

From Hardware to Software: Empowering Projects with Digital Tools, Simplifying Project Management

The focus extended beyond physical products at MCE 2024, which saw Midea Building Technologies unveiling a comprehensive suite of digital tools for VRFs - a pivotal category in Midea's HVAC business-facing operations. These tools, including control systems, selection software, and management systems tailored for users, engineers, installers, and property owners, attracted a significant number of industry professionals who were keen to experience their functionality firsthand. In the current landscape of heightened hardware competition, Midea is bolstering its software capabilities by leveraging different profiles as entry points to further empower its salesforce. The approach is anchored in the philosophy to “simplify the process for customers and leave the complexities to Midea”. 

During the four-day exhibition, Midea Building Technologies demonstrated its industry-leading expertise to audiences across Europe and beyond, highlighting innovative, eco-friendly, and efficient HVAC technologies and heating solutions. Using MCE’s exhibition platform, Midea Building Technologies aims to further expand its influence in the European market, injecting fresh momentum into its efforts to increase market reach and sales. Moving forward, the company reaffirms its dedication to the "Green for One" dual-carbon strategy, supporting Europe in accelerating its dual-carbon objectives and fostering sustainable, high-quality growth within the industry.