Midea Insight Building HVAC Engineering Conference: Exploring Sustainable and Intelligent Spaces through Green Building Solutions

Midea Insight Building HVAC Engineering Conference: Exploring Sustainable and Intelligent Spaces through Green Building Solutions

On January 25, the Midea Insight Building HVAC Engineering Conference successfully took place in Singapore, which sought to advance technological developments in the HVAC field. The event was a collaborative effort to delve into the evolving trends of Midea's chillers in the Singaporean market and explore innovative green building solutions within the HVAC industry.

In his opening speech, General Manager of Midea Singapore Company Henry Huang highlighted Midea chillers’ leading position in the Chinese market and consistent breakthroughs achieved across various local institutions in Singapore, including schools, hospitals, and hotels. Midea headquarters has increased support and collaboration with the Singaporean team, aiming to better align Midea's product offerings with the unique demands of the local market and present users with the latest and most compelling image of the Chinese brand.

Niko Cen, Sales Manager of MBT Chiller Product, introduced the latest developments and strategies from Midea Group and Midea Building Technologies. He emphasized the leading position of Midea chiller solutions in the dimensions of renovation, district cooling, and the energy industry. Cen also elaborated on Midea Building Technologies’ global market strategy, emphasizing product innovation, channel expansion, and comprehensive service offerings, further reaffirming Midea’s commitment to forging global partnerships for continuous growth.

David Lee, Head of Compressor R&D Center MBT Chiller Product Company, provided a comprehensive overview of Midea’s chiller history and its go-to-market strategy in Singapore. Lee underscored Midea Building Technologies' independent research and development capabilities, boasting an impressive portfolio of over 470 industry patents and multiple international leading technological achievements. To address the demands of green building transformation, Midea Building Technologies has invested heavily in low-carbon chillers that demonstrate exceptional efficiency, reliability, and durability. These cutting-edge products also feature an intelligent chiller health management system, aligning with the company's commitment to sustainable practices.

Dr. Bruce Lee, Senior Engineer of MBT and Director of MBT Ultra-High Efficiency Research Institute, delivered a presentation titled “Methods and Applications of Midea's High-Efficiency Chiller Units”. He provided a detailed introduction to the definition of high-efficiency chiller units and their advantages compared to conventional counterparts. Through real-world case studies, Dr. Lee demonstrated how Midea is driving the transition of buildings into a new era of efficiency and sustainability with its high-efficiency chiller solutions. 

Dr. Su Bing, Senior Engineer of Intelligent Technologies Leading Edge Research Center, followed up with an introduction to intelligent solutions for HVAC systems O&M. He proposed an AI-driven solution for optimizing system operations and a "Chiller Doctor” platform for system monitoring and diagnostics. 

Senior Solution Architect Andrew Ge engaged the audience in an exploration of constructing sustainable buildings and intelligent spaces. Ge introduced Midea Building Technologies’ approach, which emphasizes value-driven initiatives, technological empowerment, and a full lifecycle management strategy to establish sustainable and intelligent environments. Through several successful commercial case studies that implemented green and low-carbon practices, he illustrated Midea Building Technologies’ pioneering ability to build sustainable and intelligent spaces.

Green Mark 2021 is the latest green building certification scheme released by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore. Midea Building Technologies invited Vincent Low, Co-Founder and Vice President of G-ENERGY GLOBAL to share insights on how air conditioning systems can meet and respond to the Green Mark 2021 standards by outlining requirements and discussing implementation methods with recommendations for product optimization.

In addition to keynote presentations, the conference also hosted roundtable forum that provided a valuable platform for industry professionals to exchange insights on business developments and the green transformation process.

Last but not least, Aaron Lee, General Manager of MBT Chiller Product Company, concluded the conference by calling attention to the significance of the forum’s impact on exploring key issues and prospects in the refrigeration industry. Lee underlined the importance of expanding into international markets as a crucial strategic direction for the next phase, pledging to maximize efforts in enhancing product capabilities and ensuring exceptional service support.

The conference enabled Midea Building Technologies to illustrate its robust capabilities in innovative fields like green building solutions and intelligent spaces to its esteemed partners and clients in Singapore. Looking ahead, Midea Building Technologies remains committed to advancing the chiller market both in Singapore and globally, innovating to create products and solutions that satisfy market demands. Through collaborative partnerships, Midea aims to achieve mutual success and drive breakthroughs in the industry together with all parties involved.