Midea Magboost Apex - Next-Gen Chiller Solution from Midea Building Technologies, Leading Progress in HVAC Industry

Midea Magboost Apex - Next-Gen Chiller Solution from Midea Building Technologies, Leading Progress in HVAC Industry

On April 20, Midea Building Technologies, a pioneering force in the HVAC sector, unveiled its next-generation magnetic centrifugal chiller at a prestigious event attended by over 200 core global partners in Chongqing, China. The launch of the MagBoost Apex series marked a significant milestone in advancing the efficiency and sustainability of chiller technology around the world, reinforcing Midea’s pioneering position in the HVAC industry. The launch ceremony was attended by Henry Cheng, Vice President of MBT International Business; Sam Luo, General Manager of MBT Chiller Company; PY Yang, Head of MBT Solution & Delivery Department; and David Li, Director of Chiller R&D department, MBT.

Chillers are considered one of the most specialized products in the HVAC industry, with magnetic centrifugal chillers notorious for their precise engineering and technological sophistication demands. With years of expertise in the HVAC sector, Midea has cultivated robust R&D capabilities and surpassed the technical hurdles in developing magnetic centrifugal chillers. The first generation of Midea Building Technologies’ independently developed magnetic centrifugal chiller established a balance between cost efficiency and operational reliability, earning acclaim and recognition from the market.

The new MagBoost Apex series magnetic centrifugal chiller builds upon the success of its predecessor, integrating cutting-edge innovations to deliver further optimized performance and efficiency. This second generation chiller product emphasizes user experience and operational ease. 

Jacky Wang, Product Management Director, MBT Overseas Sales Company, delving into the company’s strong product portfolio and strategic positioning to deliver invaluable insights into market dynamics and prospects. Following his presentation, Senior Application Engineer Bruce Li discussed the pivotal role of chillers in HVAC systems in the context of China’s dual-carbon policy. He shared real-world examples of efficient data centers powered by magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers in the Chinese market, along with insights into its feasibility and profitability overseas, providing valuable market perspectives to international clients. 

Following up on Young Yang, MBT Chief Chiller Engineer detailed the advantages of the MagBoost Apex. To address the challenges in prevalent in chiller transportation, installation, usage and maintenance, MagBoost Apex introduces the core concept of 5C Choice: Comfortable, Credible, Cost-effective, Convenient, and Customizable. Its reliability is fortified through integrated electromechanical control design and IP67-grade protection, effectively shielding against water, fire, dust, and corrosion. Leveraging 5-degree-of-freedom position control and intelligent anti-surge technology, MagBoost Apex ensures real-time monitoring of magnetic bearing positions, boasting a suspension accuracy of up to 0.5μm and continuous anti-surge capabilities to guarantee uninterrupted operation even under extreme circumstances, including power outages.

Regarding efficiency, the Magboost Apex's dual first-class energy efficiency design achieves a full-load COP of 7.41 and an IPLV of 10.2 under national standards, significantly reducing operating costs and demonstrating remarkable energy-saving capabilities. Additionally, the new high-efficiency heat exchanger and multi-stage liquid distribution technology elevates heat transfer efficiency while reducing the amount of refrigerant charge. These advancements result in a marked improvement in overall energy efficiency, aligning with the construction industry's aspirations for greener, low-carbon initiatives.

In terms of intelligence, Midea Building Technologies leverages advanced digital twin technology, big data analytics, and intelligent sensing capabilities to provide precise selection solutions, real-time operation and maintenance, and predictive maintenance services. These intelligent features enhance operational efficiency and maintenance convenience, streamline customer decision-making processes, while providing intelligent protection for the optimal performance of chiller equipment.

Attendees at the launch event were granted exclusive access to both the innovative products showcased in the exhibition hall and on-site visits to the production facilities of the MagBoost Apex series. These immersive experiences provided guests with a further understanding of the chiller’s production process and technical intricacies, leading to a deeper appreciation for the advancements achieved in centrifugal chiller technology and the new generation of product. 

The MagBoost Apex, a symbol of the latest magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller technology, underscores Midea Building Technologies' leadership position in the global HVAC industry. Integrating the most advanced scientific breakthroughs, the series offers unparalleled performance and competitive edge in the market. By offering eco-friendly and energy-efficient cooling solutions for buildings, Midea once again sets the standard for sustainability. Looking ahead, Midea Building Technologies pledges to further increase R&D investments, accelerate technological change, and spearhead progress in the HVAC sector to promote the global transition towards intelligent and low-carbon infrastructure.