Path To Green and Smart Buildings: Midea Building Technologies Hosts International HVAC Design Contest Award Ceremony & Elite Club Seminar

Path To Green and Smart Buildings: Midea Building Technologies Hosts International HVAC Design Contest Award Ceremony & Elite Club Seminar

Recently, judges and winners of the Midea International HVAC Design Contest came together in Xi’an, China, to attend the highly anticipated award ceremony. During the occasion, Midea Building Technologies hosted the MBT Elite Club Seminar, a platform for global elites in the HVAC sector to engage in thorough discussions, share the latest market technologies and trends, and advance the green development of the HVAC industry.

Held on December 14, the MBT Elite Club Seminar featured attendees including Professor  XianTing Li, President of the Midea International HVAC Design Contest International Jury and Dean of Tsinghua University’s School of Architecture. He stated: “I am grateful to Midea Building Technologies for providing this opportunity that allows international judges, consultants, designers, and students from different countries to meet in person and exchange ideas on design concepts, green building requirements, and market trends.” He believes that the Midea International HVAC Design Contest is an innovative platform for the HVAC industry that can effectively unearth and nurture industry talents, helping the sector transition toward intelligent and low-carbon practices.

With the global commitment to carbon neutrality, reducing energy consumption in building HVAC systems is of paramount importance. Dr. Bo Lin, a senior engineer for building technology applications at Midea, shared insights into the low-carbon and energy-efficient lifecycle of VRF systems. He also introduced CAS®, a digital intelligent HVAC design software platform designed by Midea. The innovative system provides smart and precise design solution selection and offers support through the entire project lifecycle, significantly improving the energy-saving potential of HVAC systems.

The rapid advancement of AI technology is creating a notable impact on various industries, a theme that was examined thoroughly at the Elite Club Seminar. Dr. Rui Yan, Head of Intelligent Technology at Midea Building Technologies, shared insights into Midea’s latest AI-driven intelligent control system – Smart Control. Dr. Rui Yan analyzed the numerous challenges facing current and future HVAC systems, particularly focusing on issues related to energy consumption and efficiency. Smart Control utilizes AI and data-driven methods to optimize the operation of HVAC systems, enabling substantial improvements in energy efficiency and significant reduction in operational costs.

During the seminar, DengQing Zhou, Sales Engineer of Midea Building Technologies Large Tonnage Chillers, discussed the methodologies and applications of high-efficiency chiller units. He provided a detailed overview of Midea Building Technologies’ relevant technologies, equipment, control strategies, and optimization measures, emphasizing “low energy consumption and low cooling load” and the integration of the DEPCO model throughout digitalization, engineering, procurement, construction, and operation phases. The approach ensures efficient and low-carbon operational services for chiller rooms throughout the entire product lifecycle. 

The presentation was followed up by Senior Solution Architect Tianqi Ge, who showcased Midea Building Technologies’ green solutions through several low-carbon commercial case studies. From professional consulting and hardware to control optimization, intelligent operations, and eco-system construction, he demonstrated a one-stop construction system for sustainable and intelligent spaces that implements the dual-carbon strategy while offering full lifecycle services for every building around the world.

Each topic presented at the seminar sparked enthusiastic responses from attendees, prompting inquiries and discussions on the prospects and trends in the HVAC industry. Through in-depth exchanges and sample project visits, industry professionals and designers expressed a high level of recognition for Midea Building Technologies’ software and hardware capabilities, comprehensive building solutions, and strategic positioning in international markets.

Midea International HVAC Design Contest, after years of development, has become one of the industry’s most important HVAC design events. The 2023 edition attracted contestants from eight countries and regions who competed over the course of six months. The contest, in conjunction with the Elite Club Seminar, has enabled Midea Building Technologies to gather industry experts and top talents to provide new perspectives for the green and intelligent development of the HVAC industry, highlighting the Midea Building Technologies’ crucial role in driving technological innovation and sustainable growth within the sector.