Professional Leadership, Expert Support

Professional Leadership, Expert Support

Midea Centrifugal chillers have consistently been hailed as the “crown jewels” of central air conditioning technology with their complex technology and significant technological value. The “China Air Conditioning Market” reports that Midea centrifugal chillers have exceeded 12% market share of China’s central air conditioning market in H1 2023. The rise in sales has heightened expectations for after-sales services. 

The presence of Midea Building Technologies’ large tonnage chillers spans across the entire globe, with domestic and international markets developing simultaneously. To improve global client satisfaction and increase customer loyalty, the chiller R&D department in Chongqing has taken the lead in establishing a “Chiller Technical Training Base” in the Chongqing Factory that is dedicated to after-sales skills training and improvement. Following two months of intensive preparation, the facility was successfully completed on November 25. 

The Chiller Technical Training Base is a key facility for conducting technical training on our large tonnage chiller products. The base is centered around practical experience, with an established platform that integrates “cognitive internship + professional internship”. The facility emphasizes the practical aspect of training to increase depth, aiming to develop service personnel with professional engineering expertise. The base currently covers compressor disassembly for the H series, direct-drive series, and magnetic bearing series, as well as courses on suspension tuning and assembly, inverter troubleshooting, and more. Instructors are experienced engineers and skilled technicians with ample real-world experience.

H6 Series Gear Compressor

On November 26, the training base welcomed its first group of students from Taiwan and the Philippines. The course covered the disassembly, analysis, and reassembly of gear compressors and magnetic bearing compressors. Students displayed high levels of enthusiasm during the program, proactively asking questions and engaging in hands-on activities. The instructors, who explained concepts and processes with patience, received unanimous recognition and praise from both colleagues in the overseas sales team. All students successfully completed the training program on November 30, and are now equipped with the skills to safeguard and maintain Midea large tonnage chillers in their future roles. 

Practical Training Area

H6 Series Gear Compressor Regulator Disassembly

H6 Series Gear Compressor Impeller Disassembly

Hands-On Practice at the Practical Training Base