The 2nd TRUE Building Technology Summit | Building a Digital Future Together

The 2nd TRUE Building Technology Summit | Building a Digital Future Together

From February 23 to February 24, the 2nd TRUE Building Technology Summit, which lasted for two days, was successfully hold in Shanghai. 

From February 23 to February 24, the 2nd TRUE Building Technology Summit, which lasted for two days, was successfully hold in Shanghai. Trend, Rule, Union and Evolution, the conference outlines the new form of digital intelligence building from the four dimensions of industrial development, and explores the infinite possibilities of digital building in the future.

Trend: Digital Intelligence & Low Carbon, the future has arrived


The 2nd TRUE Building Technology Summit, in the form of offline forum sharing + exhibition interaction + global live stream, further explores the future trend and development direction of building digitalization and low-carbon under the national "Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality" goal. The conference is divided into two summit main forums, eight thematic sub-forums and overseas Dubai and Milan sub-forums.

Dubai sub-forum discussed the low-carbon innovation of building digital from the perspectives of technology, products and strategies, which brought us many innovative and cutting-edge views.

Milan sub-forum discussed the topics of building digital innovation, energy saving and emission reduction, energy efficiency improvement and so on from the perspectives of policy, environment, technology and products, which brought us many innovative frontier views.

Rule:Negentropic path, co-construction and co-existence

Following the low-carbon development trend of the industry, the organizer of the TRUE Building Technology Summit, Midea Building Technologies, issued the " Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Strategy for GREEN FOR ONE" "at the conference, providing green low-carbon products and services for the whole link of the building, actively participating in the solutions for the low-carbon industry in the whole scene, and supporting it with comprehensive digital underlying capabilities.


Midea Building Technologies promotes the zero-carbon initiative to the whole industry with the practical examples of zero-carbon parks and zero-carbon conference, and makes a carbon neutral commitment statement. It can not only directly drive the low-carbon technological innovation of digital intelligence, but also provide a benchmark for sustainable development for thousands of industries, which is undoubtedly a milestone event for the industry.


Union:Aggregate ecology, integration as one

From "decentralization" to "aggregation" and from "competition" to "win-win" is the trend of development in the new era. In order to gather more strength, the first intelligent building ecological alliance, DEPCO ecological alliance, was announced at the meeting. The establishment of DEPCO will enable all ecological partners to share technology platforms and architectures, realize the mutual links of core technology values, and jointly build an open and integrated new digital ecosystem.

Evolution:Digital Intelligence Building Make iBuilding come TURE

In this conference, a total of 3 exhibition areas + 40 ecological partner exhibition areas were set. Digital transformation runs through the four major industry scenarios of medical, park, infrastructure and industry, witnessing the practical model of benchmarking projects of digital intelligent buildings, and demonstrating the creativity of intelligent buildings after entering the practical stage.

Midea Building Technologies has landed a number of projects in the four major industry scenarios, comprehensively promoting the development and transformation of the smart building field. From exploration to strategy, from planning to landing, we have seen one after another benchmarking projects in different fields put into use.

The 2nd TRUE Building Technology Summit made us deeply feel the infinite imagination and possibility of industrial development given by digital surge. In the future, let's explore the new breakthroughs brought by digital intelligent buildings and witness the golden age of digital innovation!