The 2nd TRUE Building Technology Summit Is Coming

The 2nd TRUE Building Technology Summit Is Coming

Digital Intelligence Building Make iBuilding come TURE | The 2nd TRUE Building Technology Summit will be held in the National Convention Center (Shanghai) on February 23-24, 2023. 

Digital Intelligence Building Make iBuilding come TURE | The 2nd TRUE Building Technology Summit will be held in the National Convention Center (Shanghai) on February 23-24, 2023. The summit will be hosted by the Midea Building Technologies. China Academy of Building Research, Shanghai Urban Regeneration Association, 36 Krypton, 21st Century Economic Report, Internet of Things Think Tank, Yiou, Zhixing Xiaozheng, and Kong Intelligent Architecture. The 2nd TRUE Building Technology Summit outlines the new form of digital intelligent architecture from the four dimensions of industry development: Trend, Rule, Union and Evolution. 

Trend- See the real trend: fully enter the era of digital, intelligent and low-carbon architecture

Compared with the first one, the 2nd TRUE Building Technology Summit will be upgraded again. This year, it will focus on creating two main forums to exchange and share the development trend of green building under digital innovation, and explore new opportunities for technology-enabled building industry; On the basis of retaining last year's four forums of "Green and low-carbon", "Black technology", "Innovative business models" and "Efficient operation and maintenance", the sub-forum added four new topics of "Smart Health Care", "Smart Park",  "Smart Capital Construction" and “Smart industry”, in order to start the creative thinking and to focus on different industries and scenarios of digital intelligent building solutions to provide a sustainable operation model.  

At the same time, TRUE SPACE, the online digital space of TRUE Building Technology Summit, has been launched. Through digital twin technology, the virtual exhibition space has been rebuilt to realize the experience of cloud shopping + entertainment + social + online live broadcasting.

Rule-volutionary True Standard: Rebirth in Negative Entropy and Co-construction of Orderly Digital Intelligent Building System

As a pioneer in the building industry, iBUILDING Midea Building Digital Platform will continue to promote the digital upgrade of smart buildings and contribute to the transformation of building digital innovation practices into industry application standards.

Union-Constructing True Ecology: Breaking the Boundaries of Time and Space and Establishing the First Smart Building Ecological Alliance

The summit will set up the first smart building ecological alliance, aiming at building an open and integrated digital new ecosystem, realizing the interconnection of core technology values at all ends, and providing the industry with an integrated service model for the whole life cycle of smart buildings.

This summit provides the cornerstone of in-depth exchanges for enterprises and institutions at different ports of the industrial chain, so that enterprises and institutions at the scientific research end, design end, equipment end and operation end of the construction industry can gather together to explore the mode of deep interaction among various ports, realize the mutual link of core technology values, and seize the commanding heights of a new round of development.

Evolution-Realize True Evolution: Witness Enabling Achievements and Build Sustainable Wisdom Space Together

The summit will focus on the appearance of three major exhibition areas, respectively, industry digitalization exhibition area, industry applications exhibition area, intelligent low-carbon exhibition area. In addition to the three zones, there will be 40 open booths to show the digital sample cases and perceive the infinite possibilities in the building technology industry.

Two summit main forums, eight parallel sub-forums, three digital intelligence exhibition areas, and 40 open booths for ecological partners; more than 1500 guests and more than 80 big names shared; the domestic main venue, overseas sub-venues, and TRUE SPACE online digital space were opened at the same time. The 2nd TRUE Building Technology Summit will embody the style of smart buildings within reach. Let's witness the innovation of digital transformation and the future trend of smart buildings!