The 3rd Midea Building Technologies TRUE Conference Wraps Up in Shenzhen

The 3rd Midea Building Technologies TRUE Conference Wraps Up in Shenzhen

On January 12, 2024, the 3rd Midea Building Technologies TRUE Conference, centered around the theme “Green, Symbiosis, TRUE Evolution”, successfully concluded in Shenzhen. As one of the industry’s most influential conferences, the event focused on the value and development trends of green, intelligent buildings under China’s “dual-carbon” policy, providing a platform that explores sustainable development, ecological integration, and frontier technologies in the building sector.

The conference, organized by Midea Building Technologies, is co-hosted by the China Academy of Building Research, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, China Alliance of Social Value Investment (CASVI) , 36Kr, IoT Think Tank, "China Hospital Construction and Equipment" magazine, and Zhixing Xiaozheng. The conference presented one core main forum, seven sub-forums, four professional exchanges, and one product launch event. The event also featured dedicated areas for showcasing innovative technologies and products, industry applications, and ecological partners, enabling visitors to fully immerse in the development and breakthroughs of cutting-edge technology.

Entrance to the 3rd Midea Building Technologies TRUE Conference venue

A New Benchmark for Building Conferences

In January 2022, the inaugural Building Technology TRUE Conference was hosted in Shenzhen. Encompassing four pivotal themes – low-carbon energy efficiency, efficient O&M, pioneering black technology, and innovative business models – the conference diligently explored the anticipated trends shaping the trajectory of smart buildings over the next five years.

Fast forward to February 2023, the second iteration of the TRUE Conference unfolded in Shanghai, outlining a fresh paradigm for smart architecture across four key dimensions: Trend, Rule, Union, and Evolution.

From January 11-12, 2024, the third edition of the conference made its mark at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Employing a hybrid approach involving in-person meetings, exhibitions, interactive sessions, and online global broadcasting, the event earned global acclaim as an ecological summit for the building technology industry. With over 3,000 attendees, including prominent figures from top research institutions, architecture firms, and leaders in the industry chain, the conference featured a program with over 70 speeches of the highest level.

As host, Midea Building Technologies worked alongside conference partners to propel China’s smart building sector forward through this event. Building upon the successes of previous editions, the 2024 conference focused on the themes of "Green," "Symbiosis," and "Evolution," while honing in on three critical dimensions: "Green, Low Carbon and Sustainable Development," "Ecological Integration and High-Quality Development," and "Technological Innovation and Industrial Upgrading." The exploration further uncovered the potential in the future of architecture.

Discourse on New Trends in Low-Carbon Building Development

The conference established a globally influential open exchange platform in the realm of smart architecture. Speakers engaged in extensive discussions on green and low-carbon initiatives, symbiotic development, and technological innovation, exploring strategies to propel the development of the building technology industry.

At the main forum, Jinwei Guan, Vice President of Midea Group and President of the Building Technologies Business Division, emphasized in his opening address that the 2024 Midea Building Technologies TRUE Conference is a profound examination of green and low-carbon practices and sustainable development. The aim is to outline a new paradigm for smart architecture through insights into industry trends, collaborative ecological partnerships, and showcasing cutting-edge technologies. This collaborative effort with partners across the industry is geared towards defining the future landscape of intelligent buildings.

Jinwei Guan in his opening address

In the face of pressing challenges posed by global climate change, Dr. Weimin Zhuang. an esteemed member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor at Tsinghua University, and Chief Architect of Tsinghua University Architectural Design and Research Institute, delivered a compelling message in his speech. He emphasized the critical need for the construction industry to center its efforts on dual carbon goals and overcome the challenges at hand. Dr. Zhuang proposed an innovative theory for carbon control in design that dynamically coordinates multiple factors. The approach seeks to revolutionize efficient design and construction methods for carbon-neutral buildings, paving the way for a new paradigm in integrated carbon-neutral construction across entire processes in specific regions. Dr. Zhuang's forward-thinking vision aims to provide scientific support for the global pursuit of carbon neutrality in the field of architecture.

Dr. Zhuang speaking at the conference

Weihua Ma, a member of the Steering Committee for United Nations SDG Impact and President of the China Alliance of Social Value Investment, emphasized the need to accelerate China’s ESG ecosystem development. Ma advocates for making ESG an inherent driving force for high-quality corporate development by conducting a comprehensive analysis of ESG from multiple dimensions.

Weihua Ma delivering a keynote speech

Wei Xu, National Engineering Survey and Design Master and Director of IBEE at the China Academy of Building Research, recommended prioritizing energy efficiency, utilizing renewable energy, and transitioning energy use as guiding principles. He suggested accelerating the widespread adoption of low-carbon and net-zero architecture.

Wei Xu delivering a speech at the conference

Nabil Shahin, Managing Director of AHRI Middle East, highlighted the importance of "leading decarbonization and achieving a sustainable energy future”, proposing strategies including the use of low-energy building materials, energy-efficient equipment, and renewable energy technologies.

Nabil Shahin at the 3rd TRUE Conference

Chang Wei, Vice President of Midea Group and CTO of Midea Group, expressed that under the vision of "dual carbon," Midea is actively exploring and practicing the path of green development. In 2021, Midea Group officially released its green development strategy, contributing to global carbon neutrality. Chang outlined Midea's noteworthy achievements in low-carbon footprint home appliances, pioneering technologies and products featuring new low-carbon refrigerants, cutting-edge heat pump technology, and innovations in household photovoltaics and energy storage solutions. These accomplishments showcased Midea's strength and commitment to green development.

VP and CTO of Midea Group Chang Wei speaking at the conference

Exploring Sustainable Smart Building Solutions

The 3rd TRUE Conference championed the ideals of green architecture and symbiosis, aiming to advance innovation and progress within the field of building technology. In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, smart buildings have emerged as a significant trend in the construction industry. The seven sub-forums of the conference focused on themes such as low-carbon ESG, efficient O&M, cutting-edge technology, frontier business models, smart healthcare, intelligent industry, and intelligent industrial parks. Esteemed experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, and distinguished guests worldwide delivered keynote speeches at these forums, sharing insights into sustainable smart building solutions with exemplary case studies.

In the context of the dual-carbon strategy and digitalization, the "Low-Carbon ESG" sub-forum explored innovative business models for digitization and ESG development. At the “Smart Park” sub-forum, experts and scholars discussed the vision of smart urban architecture, collaborative empowerment through models, and applications of digital contracting. Meanwhile, in the “Smart Healthcare” sub-forum, directors and experts shared their experiences in smart hospital construction, in particular command centers, surgical departments, outpatient services, wards, and energy efficiency upgrades. Business elites, drawing from their experiences, shared insights on narrating brand stories through ESG, innovating business through diverse integration, digitally empowering physical businesses, and leveraging smart efficiency to support ESG development at the “Frontier Business” sub-forum. At the "Efficient O&M" sub-forum, experts and scholars analyzed the significance and applications of low-carbon smart building technologies under the dual-carbon policy. Meanwhile, the “Smart Industry” sub-forum explored how digital green development takes place in industrial scenarios, examining applications and practices of photovoltaic construction and precision energy control in different industrial settings and regions. The "Black Technology" sub-forum focused on the impact of cutting-edge technology on the evolution and future development of building technology.

In addition to the sub-forums, the conference featured four exclusive professional forums: the Chief Engineers' Roundtable, the Media Roundtable, the University-Enterprise Forum, and the International Sub-Forum. Distinguished participants, including experts from design institutes, journalists, and university professors took center stage as keynote speakers, delivering compelling insights into strategies to navigate the industry's transformative landscape.

One notable highlight of the conference was the "Midea Building Talks" session at the Media Roundtable. Journalists from, China Finance Online, and Geek Park engaged in an in-depth conversation with Stephen Meng, Director of Midea Building Technologies Research Institute, Xiangfei Yuan, Assistant Director at Capital Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy and Director of the Industry Development and Financial Innovation Center, and Chao Li, Chief Analyst at iResearch Center. Together, they explored how Midea Building Technologies empowers smart buildings and unlocks the intelligent ecological structure of future buildings, and discussed the future development of the industry. The event garnered active participation from 50 media outlets during the Q&A session, evolving into an open and enriching discussion on the development of the building technology industry. The session was not limited to an exclusive media event but emerged as a symposium of diverse perspectives on the industry's evolution.

A journalist asking a question at the Media Roundtable

The International Sub-Forum, designed as a premiere platform for dialogue, engaged in discussions on how technological innovation can propel the overseas construction market towards achieving net-zero and enhanced energy efficiency. Attending guest speakers included experts and scholars from Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Qatar, who delivered captivating presentations, exploring breakthroughs in achieving net-zero and higher energy efficiency. The attendees, focusing on the theme "Overseas Green Building Technology Paths and Practical Experiences," exchanged profound insights, collectively exploring the latest developments and practicalities in the field of green building. The high-caliber forum also boasted broad international participation, creating an unique opportunity to foster global collaboration in the realm of green building technology.

Guest speakers at the International Sub-Forum

Additionally, the conference featured a special segment called the "TRUE Insight" Lounge, hosting three sessions on the topics of "Smart Building Era: How HVAC Industry Achieves Green Evolution," "Trends and Policies in Smart Building," and "Zero-Carbon Management in Building Lifecycle." The sessions provided a platform for journalists, HVAC industry professionals, and experts in the field of smart buildings to engage in discussions and explore innovations in building technology.

Both within and beyond the forum, the organizers collaborated with the government, financial institutions, research institutions, and the media, fostering cross-industry partnerships that propel technological innovation to ensure the industry's high-quality, sustainable development.

Unveiling Building Technologies

The second day witnessed the grand unveiling of cutting-edge products during the product launch event, centering around the concept of "Digitization+." Midea Building Technologies introduced new offerings across five major business segments: iBUILDING, fluorine-based products, chillers, building automation, and elevators. Integrating core products from Midea Building Technologies with iBUILDING demonstrated how digitization is propelling advancements and evolution across various industries, illustrating a transformative journey in the era of digitalization.

Xiaoyi Zhang, Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of Midea Group, highlighted the transformative impact of digitalization on business models, commercial approaches, and work patterns. The digitization of the entire value chain allows companies to reshape their industry models, delivering faster and superior service experiences to users, he says. Meanwhile, intelligent quality management models enable continuous improvement in product competitiveness and user satisfaction. He points out that digitization also plays a pivotal role in achieving ESG green goals, supporting sustainable development across the entire value chain. Additionally, industrial upgrades are advancing through avenues like smart buildings, intelligent logistics, and smart manufacturing, all integral components of the ongoing digital transformation.

Xiaoyi Zhang sharing his insights at the TRUE Conference

In a presentation titled "Building X iBUILDING: Opening the Gateway to Intelligent Green Spaces," iBUILDING unveiled the 2024 Digitalization, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Operation (DEPCO) research report, marking a significant upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0 for the model. DEPCO2.0 addresses the lack of standardized metrics in smart buildings, introducing a comprehensive approach across four dimensions: user experience, cost-efficiency, operations, and ESG. This transformative upgrade ensures that smart buildings become measurable, assessable, and continually improvable. Additionally, the presentation introduced the iBUILDING aPaaS platform, a cutting-edge solution leveraging low-code technology and diverse marketplace templates. This platform empowers users to effortlessly create a wide array of building management applications. The platform boasts four key features—professional, practical, secure, and eco-friendly, promising users a streamlined application-building experience. As an example, iBUILDING collaborated with Volcano Engine to co-create a smart park solution for ByteDance's Shanghai Jiangwan New Town office area, achieving energy efficiency, operational efficiency, and cost reduction for a sustainable win.

Stephen Meng at the DEPCO 2.0 launch

Midea’s VRF products fluorine-based product release aimed to "cultivate a full-lifecycle low-carbon VRF culture." The Air C+ 2.0 cross-flow duct-type indoor unit, a standout product, offers rapid pollutant expulsion in just 1 second, a swift 1-minute impeller disassembly, and a simple 1-step operation for left-right takeover. This innovation simplifies the disassembly and cleaning of VRFs, providing an effortless solution with minimal space. MBT also introduced a new generation of cabinet-type IDUs designed to elevate production efficiency and economic value for industrial and agricultural users, featuring DC-driven fans, constant air flow technology, all-metal fan ducts, and electronically-controlled oscillating aluminum alloy fan blades. With a commitment to exploring effective ways to achieve genuine energy savings in buildings, Midea introduced a novel formula for calculating electricity costs that covers equipment efficiency, service load, service area, service time, and electricity price information to achieve overall energy savings and carbon reduction in buildings. With a philosophy centered around "manufacturing is service”, MBT delivers satisfying results to property owners while ensuring that every participant in the delivery process, from designers and installers to maintenance personnel and dealers, experiences joy, achieves excellence, and accompolishes their dreams.

Midea’s chiller division introduced a new generation of self-developed magnetic bearing products, redefining reliability, efficiency, and intelligence in the HVAC sector. Featuring advanced reliability, Midea's latest magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers integrate electromechanical control, comprehensive heat management, magnetic bearing centrifugal technology, and intelligent anti-surge algorithms. With a self-power generation feature and a 10-year extended warranty, users benefit from enhanced durability and worry-free after-sales service. The innovation extends to all-dimensional efficiency, utilizing innovative design with efficient compressors, high-efficiency heat exchangers, and AI adaptive technology. Achieving dual-stage energy efficiency, the system increases maximum COP by 4.51% at full load, raises standard PLV by 10.2%, reduces operating costs by around 50%, significantly improving operational efficiency. Midea's magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers also offer intelligent software for a streamlined selection process. Leveraging the intelligent chiller O&M platform and ChillerDoctor expert-level diagnosis, Midea delivers users with comprehensive equipment management and rapid troubleshooting. The Shanghai No.1 Department Store, for example, demonstrated the remarkable transformative effect of Midea's magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers, enhancing system efficiency by over 30% to demonstrate its leadership position in innovative technology applications. Jiang Li, Chairman of the China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association, Director of the Hefei General Machinery Product Testing Institute, and Chairman of the National Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment Standardization Technical Committee, awarded Midea's new generation magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller with the prestigious "Intelligent, Efficient, Stable, and Economical" product certificate and the China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Carbon Footprint and Low Carbon Certification.

Jiang Li certifies Midea magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers at the TRUE Conference

At the KONG Energy press conference, Professor Dazhang Cheng from Tongji University delivered a keynote speech on "The Development Trends of the Smart Building Industry," emphasizing the significance of BA systems in intelligent operation platforms and data detection. KONG energy unveiled several reliable and convenient products, injecting new vitality into the realm of buildings. The newly unveiled products included the KONG DDS Smart Space Perception Control System and the KONG Smart Control HVAC Operation Optimization System. The pocket-sized KONG DDS module, measuring only 50*50mm, not only possesses computational power but also adapts flexibly to different scenarios, allowing for controller debugging even in power outages. Meanwhile, the KONG Smart Control system boasts three core capabilities: system simulation forecasting, real-time global optimization, and health diagnosis analysis. These features can enhance the efficient operation of HVAC systems in buildings, providing robust support for the development of smart cities.

Professor Cheng Dazhang delivering a keynote speech

At the elevator launch segment, LINVOL pledged to ensure every user’s ability to reach their future destinations in an efficient, safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly manner. Leveraging iBUILDING, LINVOL empowers elevators with smart technology throughout their entire lifecycle. A smart elevator management platform enables real-time monitoring of the entire elevator network, multidimensional big data analysis, and seamless integration with government platforms. 24/7 online maintenance services guarantee safe and reliable elevator operations. The launch also showcased a comprehensive smart building vertical transportation solution, including LINVOL's intelligent elevator solutions tailored for commercial, residential, tourism, medical, villa, and private residence scenarios. Also LINVOL's industrial park cargo elevator solution was also unveiled at the event, ranging from heavy-duty cargo elevators, high-speed cargo elevators, and special cargo elevators catering to specialized contexts.

Kai Li presenting at the elevator launch

Unveiling the New Vision of Building Technology

The 3rd Midea Building Technologies TRUE Conference was not only an exceptional event delving into the industry trends of decarbonization and digitalization but also a crucial showcase for new products and technologies. The venue boasted 12 innovation and industry application exhibition zones, along with 26 booths featuring ecological partners, offering attendees a firsthand experience of cutting-edge innovations and products in building technology and smart spaces. Additionally, the organizers once again elevated the TRUE SPACE online exhibition, presenting an immersive virtual space. With just a single click, visitors can effortlessly navigate through various zones, gaining in-depth insights into the core of the exhibition, with all information available within the touch of a finger.

The event featured two major innovation technology zones: Black Technology and ESG Low-Carbon Innovation Zone. The Black Technology Zone displayed a series of cutting-edge technological achievements, including AI-generated content (AIGC), Metaverse applications, Digital Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS), intelligent predictive maintenance technology for chiller units, Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD) systems for VRFs, efficient server room editors, virtual simulation tuning platforms, and cloud-based energy efficiency systems. These innovative technologies represented the forefront of intelligent technologies across various fields. The Low Carbon ESG Zone presented a range of green and low-carbon products from Midea Building Technologies. Through four case studies, including NIO Center, Shanghai Citigroup Tower, Midea West Zone, and Heyou International Hospital, the ESG zone showcased the successful application of Midea products in businesses, offices, parks, and medical buildings. This demonstration served as robust support for enterprises aiming to reach their ESG goals.

Visitors touring the Black Technology Zone and Low-Carbon ESG Zone


The area dedicated to innovative building hardware and software displayed groundbreaking products ranging from fluorine-based products, chillers, iBUILDING, KONG Energy and LINVOL. The product exhibit area established an all-encompassing foundation for the building ecosystem, paving the way for a diverse range of possibilities in the future of smart buildings. 

The product exhibit area at the TRUE Conference

The event featured five zones for Smart Park, Smart Healthcare, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Industry, and Pioneering Business, illustrating the increasingly digitized building solutions that have been empowering different industries and collaboratively shaping the future of buildings to be comfortable, sustainable, and efficient.

The Smart Healthcare Zone focused on the development of smart hospitals, showcasing application scenarios like nurse stations, smart patient rooms, intelligent cleanrooms, energy-efficient upgrades, and 1+Next transparent outpatient clinics, as well as the Smart Hospital LIFE Solution. The Pioneering Commercial Zone highlighted sustainable retail strategies, efficient data center cooling, energy-efficient dining spaces, and efficient hot water solutions for hotels. These cutting-edge concepts and technologies demonstrated the possibility of more efficient and eco-friendly services for modern businesses. The Smart Infrastructure Zone focused on the future of urban construction, with application examples of intelligent technology in airports, rail transit, and data centers. These solutions have been engineered to elevate urban operational efficiency to enable a more convenient lifestyle. The Smart Park Zone emphasized the upgraded DEPCO2.0, the DEPCO ecological alliance, as well as solutions and practical cases for smart parks. The area also featured a “Smart Park Vision Wall” interactive zone that encouraged visitors to share their thoughts on smart parks and collectively build a better future. Finally, the Smart Industry Zone displayed energy solutions for smart industries along with compelling application cases in new energy, automotive manufacturing, chemical engineering, and electronics fields. These cases exemplify the intelligent transformation of industries, promising heightened efficiency and innovation capabilities for industrial production. Physical displays of energy storage models, heat pump models, air compressor models, and photovoltaic panel models were also available.

Smart Park Zone

Pioneering Business Zone

Smart Industry Zone

Smart Healthcare Zone

Smart Infrastructure Zone

Seven designated photo spots were set up on-site to boost audience engagement. Attendees could refer to the MBT Walk map to locate each photo spot, complete the required task, and unlock the online claw machine for a chance to win prizes. The inclusion of this interactive game element transformed the conference into a more relaxing and pleasant experience. 

IP Store & MBT Walk Prize Redemption Center

A noteworthy detail is the “GreenSymbiosis TRUE Bloom” plant seed visitor pass specially created to illustrate the conference’s green commitment and to embrace emerging forces within the industry. The unique feature serves as a tangible entry point to witness TRUE green development.

Plant Seed Visitor Pass

The successful conclusion of the 3rd Midea Building Technologies TRUE Conference provided the industry with fresh perspectives and served to steer the building technology industry in a new direction. Looking ahead, the building sector will maintain its commitment to embracing green and low carbon development, and continue to propel industry advancements through continuous innovation.  Together, the industry can work together to create beautiful, intelligent urban spaces.