Three Midea Smart Building Benchmarking Projects Won the Asia Design Prize

Three Midea Smart Building Benchmarking Projects Won the Asia Design Prize

Midea Headquarters Building, Midea Building Technology Jingzhou Factory, and West District of Midea Industrial Park, stood out and won the 2023 Asia Design Prize. 

Innovate buildings with science and technology, and create a beautiful digital experience with design. The results of the 2023 Asian Design Awards are released.

As an international award for global designers, the Asian Design Award is sponsored by the Voice of Design, one of the most well-known design award companies in Korea, and is dedicated to exploring innovative design concepts that will lead the future and promoting them globally. The competition received 1051 entries from 22 countries around the world, and three smart building benchmarking projects, namely, Midea Headquarters Building, Midea Building Technology Jingzhou Factory, and West District of Midea Industrial Park, stood out and won the 2023 Asia Design Prize. Once again, the outside world has affirmed the innovative ability of iBUILDING design. 

As a group office building put into use in 2010, Midea headquarters building is facing such problems as a shortage of space resources and a lack of energy consumption data. It practices "Digital Midea", builds a moat to Midea in the era of the Internet of Things, carries out the intelligent transformation of the headquarters building by digitalization, and makes it a benchmark of green wisdom headquarters. Build an open and interconnected regional digital ecosystem.

The iBUILDING Intelligent Operation Center of the Midea headquarters building realizes the comprehensive management of the whole building. The cloud can access the operation data of different systems of the whole building, and visualize the energy consumption, space, equipment, and other data in an all-round way. Through the real-time control and comparative analysis of the energy consumption data of the equipment in the building, combined with intelligent analysis, the effectiveness of energy-saving measures is clarified. During the cooling period, the consumption of intelligent air conditioning is reduced by about 10%.

In addition, the system displays the use status of all kinds of office facilities inside the building in real-time, realizes the digital experience of the whole scene in the office building through intelligent air conditioning, smart workstation, intelligent toilet, intelligent storage cabinet, etc., and can alarm and lock the location of the equipment in time when abnormalities occur, so as to create a friendly, intelligent, safe and efficient office scene. 

Midea Building Technologies Jingzhou Factory has been built into a low-carbon smart factory. In the era of smart 4.0, traditional factories are being upgraded to smart factories through digitalization. iBUILDING integrates digital twinning with technologies such as big data, FDD, energy saving, and carbon reduction, and takes many measures such as equipment efficiency improvement, system efficiency improvement, and energy efficiency improvement. 

Through modeling the factory park and production line, iBUILDING Intelligent Operating Center of Jingzhou Factory conducts comprehensive monitoring and analysis from multiple dimensions such as products, equipment, production, and safety, so that managers can fully and quickly control the operation situation of the factory area, promote collaborative management and optimization of the production chain, and improve the response speed of equipment operation and maintenance. Comprehensively help the construction of smart factory management.

By building an efficient and unified intelligent energy management system to achieve real-time energy monitoring, dynamic analysis, and optimal control, the operation and maintenance costs can be reduced by 30%, and the workshop power consumption can be saved by 5% -20%. At the same time, relying on the intelligent carbon management system, the whole process management of "side, source, calculation, report and check" about carbon emission in factories is realized to help scientific carbon reduction decision-making.

Starting from the two paths of low carbon and intelligence, the West District of Midea Industrial Park is built into a zero-carbon intelligent park. Through equipment efficiency improvement, system optimization, green energy application, carbon sink trading, and other initiatives. To achieve zero carbon target and zero carbon operation in the park. At present, it has won LEED and WELL gold certifications.

Through the use of digital twining, AIoT and other technologies, the iBUILDING Intelligent Operation Center in West District of Midea Industrial Park achieves real-time collection, storage and statistical analysis of cross-system data. Digital upgraded with 1 smart park app and 7 dimensions including smart access, smart service, smart operation and maintenance, smart energy, smart environment, smart office, digital display. It can display the real-time status of the whole park on large screen, Pad and other devices. Digital operation not only improves the management efficiency of the park, it can also help the park indirectly reducing energy consumption by 10% -15% every year.

Relying on smart building models, we will continue to precipitate and create replicable digital building solutions, and continue to be applied to more buildings. In the future, aligned with the slogan GREEN FOR ONE , we will insist on building the world with a digital technologies, create a new future of digital buildings and anticipate a low-carbon sustainable urban future with more industry partners.