MDV BS.png
MDV BS.png

Brand Story

For human society, the history of architectural space development is the history of human social change and demand evolution. Architecture is divided into different forms and spaces according to human needs.

After the birth of VRF, users in different spaces can extract the required temperature, air volume and airflow direction according to their own needs. While MDV meets the user's personalized space needs, it realizes the interconnection inside and outside the building space through data fusion. It improves the value of each participant in the space.

From Air Conditioner to Care Conditioner, MDV not only pays attention to every individual in the building space but also pays attention to the interests of every participant in the value chain and pays more attention to the sustainable development of the earth, helping to achieve carbon neutrality.


Brand Connotation

MDV expresses its multiple thinking on architecture, space and people with a more forward-looking perspective and broad feelings, stimulates space potential with science and technology, redefines new ideas for industry development, and builds a space Internet to lead the industry to a breakthrough.

Our logo is one of the most important elements of our brand identity. Its design is simple and contains MDV's concept of "people-oriented technology, multi-integration". As a core asset, it must be used carefully to ensure consistency.

The logo implies that MDV explores the basic elements of space and is committed to realizing the interconnection of building space. The usage of irregular and collinear designs expresses, inspires multiple visions, and shows multiple concerns for space, people and society.

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