MBT 2021 Second Half Global Technical Trainings V6 VRF Latin America

This course exposes the student to commercial unit and systems operation, set-up, and troubleshooting. The course emphasizes a systematic approach to commercial HVAC system service and troubleshooting.



CHAUDHARY PEEYUSH - Technical Engineer of Customer Service
Constance - Technical Engineer of Latin America
Karl Zhang - Technical Engineer of Latin America
Dylon Huang - Technical Engineer of Latin America
Leo Liu - Technical Manager of Latin America
Jaden Liang - Technical Engineer of Middle East & Africa

Key Training Contents
In this webinar we discussed:
V6 Series VRF Introduction

V6 VRF Control Solutions

Midea Network Control System - IMMPRO

V6 VRF Installation and Commissioning

V6 VRF AHU Connection Kit

V6 VRF Electric Control System

V6 VRF Refrigerant Control System

V6 VRF Troubleshooting
For Latin America
For Latin America
21:30 - 00:45 September 27- 30 (Chinese Time)
21:30 - 00:45 September 27- 30 (Chinese Time)
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