Beijing New International Airport

Beijing New International Airport

As the largest integrated transportation hub in China, Beijing New International Airport covers an area of 1.4 million square meters with the core area of 0.6 million square meters. It is estimated to be put into use in September 2019 and aims to accommodate 100 million passengers and 88,0000 aircrafts per year. MBT has won the bid of HVAC equipment with innovative technology and leading product quality. Besides, Midea customized chiller solutions according to the requirements of the new airport such as energy conservation, environment protection and flexible operation condition and so on. Midea high centrifugal chiller has a COP up to 7.11 under AHRI condition. The initially designed full falling film evaporator significantly improves heat exchange efficiency and reduces refrigerant charge volume by more than 40%. 100% running tests in factory, large research investments and the strict requirements on product quality ensure the high reliability of the product.

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