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Midea Solution for Pengcheng Cloud Brain in Shenzhen China

Providing modular integrated refrigeration station system, Midea accelerates the growth of the AI industry in China.

Providing modular integrated refrigeration station system, Midea accelerates the growth of the AI industry in China.

With the development of economy and technology, the applications of AI in daily life and scientific research are increasingly wider. The ongoing Pengcheng Cloud Brain II, a new infrastructure project in Shenzhen, China, proves that the era of AI is sitting right under our noses.

At the aim of satisfying the demand of increasing AI computing power and of attracting more professional researchers, Pengcheng Lab and Huawei built Pengcheng Cloud Brain II collaboratively. Pengcheng Cloud Brain II adopts the Atlas 900 processer clusters, which are equipped with Kunpeng and Shengteng processors to provide abundant computing power. 

“Atlas 900 processer clusters officially enter Pengcheng Cloud Brain II and will provide a solid foundation for it. Pengcheng Cloud Brain II is an industry-leading research platform of AI, gathering large numbers of academicians and outstanding researchers with the same purpose of exploring the possibility of the future trend of AI world and solving the AI world’s challenges. 

Adhering to the faith of constructing Pengcheng Cloud Brain II jointly, Huawei and Pengcheng Lab will struggle to build 1000 PFLOPS level data center after the first stage of Pengcheng Cloud Brain II.”, Hou Jinlong, the senior vice president of Huawei and the president of Cloud & AI Products and Services said. Mr Hou also said that they were full of confidence to construct the world’s leading AI research platform with joint endeavours from all parties concerned.

Diagram of Pengcheng Laboratory in Shibilong industrial park

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Pengcheng Cloud Brain II is located in Shibilong industrial park, Xili, Shenzhen. The project utilizes the Atlas 900 cluster, which is equipped with Kunpeng and Shengteng processors to supply sufficient computing power. 

This project aims to focus on the basic research on a new generation of AI technology and make a breakthrough on the theory base in the field of information processing. Generally, the data center requires higher efficiency and stability. The PUE must be less than 1.25 and the cooling system must keep smooth operation for 24 hours a day.

Taking into account newest energy efficiency evaluation in Shenzhen and the advantages of Midea HBT products, the designer, Midea Chongqing factory tailored an exclusive HVAC solution of high efficiency integrated refrigeration station system for Pengcheng Cloud Brain II. 

The chiller system is on the first floor of refrigeration station, including three cold source hydraulic modules, one chilled hydraulic module and one cooling hydraulic module. In the second floor, there is a liquid cooling system which consists of one liquid cooling module and two cold storage tanks outside the building.

This high efficiency integrated refrigeration station adopts three industry-leading inverter direct-drive centrifugal chillers with a total cooling capacity of 2100RT. The units are researched and developed by Midea and use the industry-first created uniaxial direct-drive technology and full falling film technology. All the advanced technologies ensure the stable and efficient operation of the data center.

The system diagram of Midea integrated refrigeration station

Source: Midea Group

In order to provide a stable and high efficiency operating environment for Pengcheng Cloud and to facilitate the development of China's AI industry, all the engineers of Midea Chongqing factory were united as one, overcoming numerous difficulties with the only purpose of delivering the products with quality and quality assured to customers on time.

Since the equipment of each module was assembled in containers, there were plentiful problems needed to be solved, such as limited space, complicated pipelines and numerous valves, etc. These made the design work of the R&D department and the manufacture of production department much more difficult.

In order to ensure the progress of the design work of R&D, members in the project had demonstrated and adjusted the overall schedule over and over again since the Dragon Boat Festival on June 25. They struggled all the strength of the project team to Pengcheng Cloud Brain II. The designers of R&D in Midea Chongqing factory-made full use of every minute to design chillers and promote the project without any slackness.

For integrated refrigeration station designers, it was very normal to work late at night, because the project needed an elaborate design scheme and repeatedly technical evaluation with Huawei engineers for the reliable operation of the units. Reviewing over and over again, revising over and over again, finally, the design drawing came out at first thanks to their work around the clock. 

In order to catch up with the overall production schedule, the purchasing staff and the QA staff both focused on their own jobs and were always fighting on the front of the production line to ensure high-efficiency and high-quality production. The workers at the production line in the workshop even worked on two shifts. They tightened every single screw for Pengcheng Cloud and two-shifted workers screwed continuously for 24 hours to produce reliable units.

Finally, Midea Chongqing factory took only 25 days to complete the workload that other professional construction teams may need at least 45 days to finish. The factory delivered 6 hydraulic modules timely and handed in a satisfactory answer to Party A. 

Developing the spirit of engineers of Midea Chongqing factory who work hard and confront difficulties directly, all the participants withstood the pressure, completed the task with quality and quantity assured and was highly praised and approved by Party A.

It is known that science and technology rejuvenate the country, and the power of independent innovation will bring China back to the stage of the global high-tech competition. Independent innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for the prosperity and development of the country and the enterprises. 

As a national enterprise, Midea strives to the first and always insists on technology inspires the possibilities. In the new era of AI, Midea will be committed to providing professional MBT solutions for various industries and contributing to the construction of Made-in-China.


Source: Midea Group



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